Truck Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Tractor Trailer in Excellent Condition

Want to keep your tractor trailer in top shape? While truck maintenance can seem overwhelming at times, a few simple tips from your semi-truck parts store in Ocala, FL can ease the burden. By taking these proactive steps, you can prevent future damage and repairs and reduce headaches.

Use the following tips to maintain excellent condition for your tractor trailer. For additional tips, contact the professionals at your semi-truck parts store in Ocala, FL.


Brake wear and tear is an ongoing maintenance issue for tractor trailers. It’s essential to properly care for these components to keep vehicle operation safe. Brake failure can result in injury, property damage, lawsuits and even death. To avoid these situations, create and follow a proactive brake maintenance plan. Have a professional check your brakes regularly to see if they need to be replaced or repaired. This maintenance should be done during every oil change.


Engine problems will put a quick stop to your road travels. Watch for decreases in power, loss of oil pressure and any excessive engine smoking. These are signs that your tractor trailer needs immediate repairs. To prevent these issues, monitor your engine coolant levels, exhaust temperature and oil level and pressure. Check these regularly and make adjustments as needed. Additionally, you should regularly check all rubber components for signs of wear and tear.


Corrosion can shorten the lifespan of your tractor trailer. While it is difficult to completely prevent all rust development, you can take steps to slow down is occurrence. If you notice any small chips in the paint, deal with them right away, as these spots are susceptible to rust. Contact your local semi-truck parts store in Ocala, FL for the best solution for your vehicle.

For further protection from rust, wash your tractor trailer twice each month. This will keep it clear of contaminants that can start to eat away at the paint and primer. Be sure to include door jambs in your cleaning. To prevent grime buildup, try to avoid driving through large puddles, which are often filled with abrasive contaminants.

Lastly, protect your locks from moisture and rust by spraying them with WD-40 in the evenings. This is especially helpful during cooler temperatures.


It is essential to keep your steering, drivetrain and suspension well lubricated. Use only high-quality lubrication products recommended by your semi-truck parts store in Ocala, FL. A good rule of thumb is to lube all applicable components before each long trip. This will prevent unnecessary wear and tear or lockups in your systems.

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