Coming Soon! Aurora Parts to Go

It’s big news for the semi-trailer industry! Aurora Parts & Accessories is introducing a new tool that will change how aftermarket semi-trailer parts are distributed. This new “parts to go” service will make the best semi truck part suppliers in Ocala, FL even more convenient and resourceful. Here’s the scoop:

What is Aurora Parts to Go?

Aurora Parts & Accessories is introducing a new tool for fleet service accompanied by a new ecommerce platform. This convenient platform is called Aurora Parts to Go.

How does it work?

Aurora Parts to Go allows repair shops, technicians and equipment owners to shop more than 17,000 parts through their e-catalog. When using the online platform, buyers can select dealers by location, ratings, certifications or other qualifications. Mobile technicians can easily find the parts they need via smartphone, tablet or desktop. The platform connects buyers to Aurora dealers instantly, giving them access to the equipment they need on the go, wherever they are.

What are the benefits of Aurora Parts to Go?

This system was created to benefit dealers, fleets and independent service providers. The consistent pricing and reliable products that fleets receive through the Aurora network of dealers provides convenience and peace of mind for equipment owners and technicians. Plus, independent service providers can search for precise parts that a fleet requires, sorting by approved and unapproved parts, to ensure the right equipment is installed.

Additionally, buyers can quickly access more than 17,000 in-stock parts with a few clicks. They can also easily locate service providers and schedule repairs through the online network of providers. They can search the database using filters to locate the perfect provider for their needs.

How can I benefit from Aurora Parts to Go?

To start reaping the benefits of this convenient service, simply visit the Aurora Parts to Go website. You can also partner with a local service provider to find out more about this service or to access parts from Aurora Parts to Go. This will allow you to work with the best semi truck part suppliers in Ocala, FL and obtain the right equipment for your services or repairs.

What types of parts does Aurora Parts to Go offer?

With more than 17,000 parts in their e-catalog, Aurora Parts to Go has you covered. Their selection includes air systems, axles and brakes, auto body parts, cargo control, doors and accessories, landing gear, lighting and electrical, safety and security, shop supplies, suspensions and wheel end parts. The platform allows you to search by part number, part description or part type to easily find what you need.

Learn more

For more information about Aurora Parts to Go, contact the experts at J & M Trailer Repair. Our goal is taking care of your equipment so you can get back to taking care of your business. Our mobile truck and trailer repair service offers 24-hour emergency service for convenient on-site assistance. We use the latest conveniences, such as Aurora Parts to Go, to provide reliable parts and fast, efficient service. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule your next service with the best semi truck part suppliers in Ocala, FL.

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