A Top Ten List of Tools You Must Carry In Your Truck – Part 2

In the last post, we wrote about several tools you should certainly include in your truck, no matter how far you drive at a time. Here’s the conclusion of that list.

  1. Swiss Army Knife: Virtually everything you need can happen with a Swiss Army Knife. One of the most powerful tools on the planet, it fits right in your pocket. Be cautious here, though, and don’t end up going with the cheapest version you can find. Instead, find the real thing immediately, and you’ll thank yourself again and again as you pull it out to solve the most complicated problems and the really easy ones.
  2. Hammer: Far from a tool to simply drive nails, a hammer can do so much more, and you’re likely to find an infinite number of practical applications for one in your truck. The best part is that you don’t even need something specialized. Instead, you can simply go with a 16 ounce claw hammer to tackle the most common jobs you’ll see on the road.
  3. WD-40 – If it’s stuck, no matter what the “it” turns out to be, a can of WD-40 can be your best friend in a hurry. In fact, there are entire websites devoted to the use of this phenomenal spray, and keeping some in your truck is one of the best ideas you’ll ever thank yourself for.
  4. Work Gloves – Hand damage happens when you’re working on your truck, and a solid pair of gloves will help keep you protected again and again. As with the Swiss Army Knife, you don’t want to cheap out on this purchase. Instead, buy the best pair you can afford, then don’t lose track of them!
  5. Wrenches: If it’s not the screws holding something on your truck together you can make certain that it’s nuts and bolts instead, and having a good set of wrenches by your side is essential.

If you ever have a problem with your truck, we’ll be right here to help, but with tools like these in your truck, you’ll be able to tackle any emergency on your own.

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