Three Tips for Choosing the Right Shop for Semi Truck Repair in Central Florida

Big rigs are just like every other vehicle out on the road in that they don’t last forever without breaking down or needing preventative maintenance. Thankfully, there are plenty of shops out there ready and willing to perform repairs and maintenance so you don’t have to. However, not all repair shops are created equal. A variety of factors contribute to whether or not a shop is worthy of your time and if they deserve your money. Finding a high-quality shop for semi truck repair in central Florida isn’t as tricky as it may seem, as long as you know what to look for. Keep reading for some helpful tips to find the best shops out there.

Get fair and accurate quotes

The first thing you need to look for in a truck repair shop is whether or not they’re going to charge you a fair price for their services. Plenty of shops out there will gladly overcharge you for parts and labor, simply because they know they can. It doesn’t hurt to check around at a few different places to see which repair shop will give you the best quote.

And speaking of quotes, make sure the shop is giving you an accurate estimate. If mechanic A says the work will cost $3,000 and mechanic B says the work will cost $300, you can safely assume that mechanic B is giving you a cheap quote to get your business. You won’t have much to stand on when he comes back to you with a more expensive bill than he quoted you!

You can rest assured that J & M Trailer Repair offers both fair and accurate quotes for any type of repair or maintenance work we perform.

Ask for recommendations

You surely have friends or coworkers who have had work performed on their semi trucks in the past. Ask them if they recommend the shop they used, and whether or not they’d use the mechanic again. You can certainly trust their opinion on the matter. If you don’t happen to know anyone who’s had their rig serviced or repaired before, check websites like Angie’s List to get in-depth reviews from former customers. Although you don’t know the reviewers personally, you should be able to trust whether or not they recommend a repair shop. Check online or ask around—we consistently get five-star reviews from our former customers!

Skilled technicians

What’s the point in bringing your big rig into a repair shop if the mechanics aren’t able to correctly repair your semi truck? In fact, a bad mechanic can make any situation worse. Trust us when we say that all of our mechanics are certified to perform all types of repairs on any make or model of semi truck. There’s no job too big or too small for us to handle.

The next time you need semi truck repair in central Florida, look no further than J & M Trailer Repair. We guarantee you’ll be happy with our prices and level of service!

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