What to Do When Your Rig Breaks Down in Central Florida

As a professional truck driver, you know that your rig isn’t impervious to breakdowns. Regardless of the cause of the problem, you can find yourself stranded on the side of a busy highway while you wait for semi truck roadside assistance in central Florida. But do you know what to do while you wait? Keep reading to find out!

Stay safe

It goes without saying that being stranded on the side of the road isn’t exactly the safest situation. Cars speeding by at 70 mph are dangerous enough, and that danger level only increases if other drivers are distracted by their cell phones or are fiddling with the radio. After you’ve pulled over as far as you can on the shoulder, turn on your flashers and light your flares behind your rig. This will help inform everyone passing by that you’re having some type of issue and that they should move away from your side of the road. After that’s done, try to stay in your cab as much as possible to avoid being struck by a passing vehicle.

Inspect your rig

Once you’re sure that your rig is far enough off the road that you’re safe, you’ll need to hop out of the cab and try to see what the problem is. Hopefully, the cause of your breakdown is just a quick fix that you can perform with one of the tools in your tool kit. If it’s a quick fix, you’re in luck—just be sure you’re staying safe while you’re performing the repairs. Keep your flashers on and ensure all of your flares are visible. If the issue appears to be too big to handle on your own, your next step is to pick up the phone and call for assistance.

Call for help

If you’ve determined that you can’t repair the damage yourself, you’ll need to call for a tow. After all, you can’t exactly push your rig to the closest repair shop! Our friendly team members have years of experience with semi truck roadside assistance in central Florida and can make it to your destination as quickly as possible to help get your rig back to a shop for repairs.

Reduce the likelihood of a breakdown

The best way to handle a breakdown is to help ensure one doesn’t happen in the first place. You can greatly reduce the chances of your rig having issues by performing preventative maintenance on your rig. You’ll also want to inspect your whole rig before and after each trip, so you can take care of anything that looks like it could break before it actually does. You can save yourself a whole lot of time and money on repairs by simply looking over your rig on a regular basis.

If you find yourself in a sticky situation on the side of the highway, give J & M Trailer Repair a call! We’re your go to company for semi truck roadside assistance in central Florida, and our pros can repair practically anything that’s wrong with your rig.

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