Semi Truck Battery Maintenance Guide

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, what type of terrain you’re covering or what kind of weather you’re driving through—operating a semi truck takes an enormous strain on your battery. Ensuring that your truck’s battery is up to the task of a long haul across the baking Florida landscape is an essential part of semi truck maintenance in Ocala, FL, whether you’re an independent owner-operator or one member of a fleet of trucks.

Diminish parasitic loads

A parasitic load is something on your rig that is draining your battery without replacing the charge. A typical example of a parasitic load is the radio or the air conditioner. When you’re operating a semi truck, aftermarket components (typically, stuff designed to make the drive easier) could also serve as a parasite to your battery.

That said, issues in your engine like electrical problems could also drain your battery. It’s critical to make sure that you have a pro regularly check for these problems before they leave you stranded on the side of the road.

Make sure it’s secure

Perhaps the most manageable battery problem to fix in terms of semi truck maintenance in Ocala, FL is improper fitting. Maybe it’s cables that aren’t correctly fitted to your battery. Maybe the battery itself vibrates when you’re driving and needs to be tightened in place. Either one of these issues could result in reduced battery performance or even damage to the battery itself.


Buildup of corrosion is a natural part of any running battery. Either you can clean it, or a professional can wipe it away as part of a routine vehicle inspection. However, when an excessive amount of corrosion is allowed to buildup on your battery, it can prevent charging, which decreases performance.

If you notice a lot of corrosion buildup, a pro can check your battery’s terminals to ensure everything is up to par.

Don’t replace—repair

Often, owner-operators and fleet owners alike are too quick to swap out the batteries in the trucks. When a battery fails to charge completely, the natural instinct is to pitch it. However, that may not be the smartest move. Sometimes, when it appears as though a battery is malfunctioning, the real cause is some underlying issue like a malfunctioning alternator or a parasitic load.

A professional can help diagnose the problem behind your battery malfunction.

Come to the truck and trailer pros

Regardless of what kind of semi truck maintenance in Ocala, FL you require, the team at J & M Trailer Repair can help. Beyond battery issues, we can also provide repairs to your brakes, air conditioning, charging system, clutch and suspension. We’re also the team to trust when you want to pass DOT and PM inspections.

In need of rapid response? Our highly-skilled team is here for you 24 hours a day with first-rate emergency service. Our expansive fleet of mobile repair units, our multiple truck and trailer repair bays and our extensive parts warehouse will make sure you’re never left wanting. That’s our promise to you. Give us a call today.

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