What Types of Repairs Can I Do to My Tractor Truck?

Knowing some do-it-yourself tractor repair tips come in handy when you experience mechanical problems with your vehicle in the middle of a journey. In addition to this, you will save a significant amount of money when you experience minor issues with your semi-truck. This is because you can solve the minor problem yourself and avoid paying a mechanic to solve them for you. Here are some helpful semi truck repair tips and tricks you should know. 

  • Change your own filters: The air filters of your tractor truck are among the simplest things to replace. If you go to an auto repair shop for an air filter change, you will be charged roughly $60. However, you can DIY change it for about $12 to $17 per filter and save the remaining cash.
  • Avoid changing your own oil: While oil changes for cars are a DIY task, this is not the case for tractor trucks as they have massive engines. A typical semi truck will give about 11 gallons of used oil. This means that if you decide to do the oil change, you must also have a way to dispose of the 11 gallons of used oil safely. Disposing of this massive amount of used oil will cost you more than getting the oil change done at an auto repair shop stress-free.
  • Set up your tractor truck for air tools: You can set up your semi-truck for air tools yourself and save yourself the cost of having it done at a repair shop. All you have to figure out is the class of air tool kit that’s suitable for your truck.
  • Buy tires on volume: You can save a significant amount of money thanks to massive wholesale discounts if you buy your tires in bulk. Make sure you can spare space in your garage to store them.

Handling a Big Rig Breakdown

  • Grinding clutch problem: It’s likely that the clutch installed isn’t the right one for the truck or the clutch is too light to handle the work the truck is doing. The clutch replacement probably has a one-year warranty. If it’s still under warranty coverage, you can ask the auto repair shop for a replacement.
  • Engine losing rad fluid: If you notice that you regularly have to top up your rad fluid and there are no visible leakage signs, there could be an internal leak. You need to have the engine manufacturer diagnose the problem.
  • Engine power reduction issue: This issue usually occurs after the engine hits 250,000 miles on the odometer and is typically caused by faulty or worn sensors. You will have to take your truck to a dealer and have it inspected once you notice this problem.

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